SEA-TAC, are part of our growing network. Our partner Angelica Johnson heads up this area, Currently, we provide:

  • Detail House Cleaning

  • Night Time Janitorial  

We are currently servicing 

Property Managers - Move-in / Move-out Services

Renters - Move-outs/ carpets, junk hauling 

Real Estate Agents - Move-in / Move-out, junk hauling, windows, carpets 
Commercial Clients - Nightly Janitorial and Windows 


Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Mercer Island & Redmond


House Cleaning?

Are you looking for the best cleaners Sea-Tac areas?  Everyone hates cleaning. There are so many better things to do in the Sea-Tac area! You can go see a movie at the IMAX, or hang out at the Space Needle. When it comes to living in Washington, particularly Sea-Tac, you’d rather go down to the local swimming pool and beat the summer heat during the summer. If it’s winter, you want to go somewhere warm, like the climate-controlled movie theater. You don’t want to clean. However, this doesn’t excuse the fact that cleaning your house is vital to keeping yourself and your family living in a healthy environment. In the summer, things can get dry and dusty, and playing outside can mean your furniture becomes dirty and grimy over time. In the winter, it rains a lot. Things get wet, and if these things are not properly maintained, mold can grow, as well as mildew. Winter is also the time of year when many critters, such as ants and rats, are looking for a warm place to stay. They may invite themselves into your home if it’s messy enough. That’s where cleaning is so important. From cleaning your carpets to just sweeping up every now and then, small steps such as these can help turn a bad living situation into at least a tolerable situation, perhaps even a mildly pleasant one. If you clean often enough, you can make time in your house quite wonderful.

Cleaning is difficult to do on your own and that’s where Dignity Home Services arrives. We specialize in a professional deep-cleaning service that leaves your house looking good-as-new.  Moving out? No problem! Enjoy your day and let our teams take care of everything that needs to be done to finish up your move-out cleaning and help you towards getting that deposit back.


Face-To-Face Interaction

Our Seattle-Tacoma, WA  clients appreciate our face to face interaction. That is why when we detail-clean we give you walk-through be fore we start to find your concerns and after once the process is complete. This way, if we missed anything you can let us know so we can fix it before leaving.


Loyal Customer Discounts

There are lots of options for move cleanings. At Dignity Home Services, we believe that the customer is important. We want to not only clean the house, but also build a friendship with the customer that will last for years to come. We want to listen to you. We want to know your concerns with the house as well as if there are any extra steps we should take when cleaning your house. We also provide discounts for multiple services as well as discounts for seniors and veterans. Discounts range from 10 to 20 percent, prices varying based on the size of the services provided. 


Employee Equity

Our company is employee-owned. If an employee has been working with us long enough, they can eventually choose to become an owner of part of the company, working as a partner with the other owners. We are a co-op, which means we team up with other businesses to bring customers the best cleaning service for the lowest price.

Our Process

We offer many different types of cleaning services through it all detail cleaning is the key. Our most popular option being the deep-cleaning service. We start at the top of the house, quite literally with the ceiling, and work our way to the bottom, with the floors and carpets. Each ceiling corner and edge is dusted using a high-duster on a pole. After this, we clean the vent covers and light fixtures, for which we use our special eco-friendly cleaner solutions. After this, we clean the walls and occasionally the windows, from top-to-bottom. Depending on what room we are cleaning, be it the kitchen or the bathroom, we clean the top, bottom, sides, and insides of these fixtures (i.e. toilets, counters, refrigerators). After this is done, we clean the bottom of the house, meaning we scrub the baseboards, sweep/vacuum the floors, and finish by mopping or carpet cleaning. And as always, we finish by giving the customer a walkthrough of the house to verify their satisfaction with the job.



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