The Oasis - Stories form the Road Dad

I wish I would have started blogging back when we hit the road. Now I have the joy of going back and looking at family photos to trigger memories of the moments to share. One of the first adventures we had was in Palm Desert. This area is just outside of Palm Springs. It boasts a rich history. Many of Hollywood's elite have spent time vacationing in this area over the last 100 years. The camp ground we stayed at was one of the busiest on the west coast. It is full of things to do with the kids.

What is amazing about this desert area is how alive it really is. For instance our campground is closed 4 months out of the year so they can harvest the dates from the date palms that tower over head. Who would have thought a camp ground could be a date farm. The most wonderful part of this desert area is a hidden treasure that is just 10 min down the road--an Oasis called Coachella Valley Preserve. This area stands out because all around it is nothing but sand, sand, and more sand. You're driving in the middle of nowhere and there it is--an area filled with water and palm trees, and overflowing with life. We were blown away by its beauty. If you want to view this wet area, you're invited to walk the boardwalk that meanders through the wetlands. The hike will take you through the desert and to another oasis area with a lake full of fish. All in all, a day like no other and an adventure that was unexpected. This is why I love our life on the road. Every city and every state in this great nation has something amazing to offer, and an unexpected adventure to cause one to lose track of time. Take the kids, leave the chaos of your day behind, and get out and ENJOY LIFE. Let my friends at Dignity Home Services take care of the mess.

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