The joys of Saturday

Incase you think by now that our life is all fun, games, and exploring, let me shed some light on our life. It is full of stress, worry, and struggles just like everyone else. The real difference is we chose this life to avoid having to work 4 jobs between 2 parents to keep our heads above water in Sacramento Ca.

Like all families we live for the weekend. Work is done, the kids are off school and life is simple. I had the joy this last weekend of participating in a grill master competition. My day started at 6am with getting a fire going and tended. Around 8:30 am a 10 lb slab of brisket was on the grill after sitting in marinade overnight. There is nothing more therapeutic (except for fishing) then sitting and waiting for a chunk of beef to cook for 6 hours while binge watching old episodes of jag and drinking blueberry green iced tea. The weather was cool and the was sun coved just slightly by the ongoing clouds. Unfortunately I did not win the contest but the reward came in the rest more than anything.

The summer is coming to an end but there is still plenty of time left to get out on your own adventure. Enjoy life leave it to Dignity Home Services to get your home cleaned up and ready for the upcoming school year.

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