Success - the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. I would say if I go back of the last 20 years of small business ownership I probably had a few successful moments. For instants I can remember the first time a business I stared reached the quarter million mark. I can recall the day we got our first $30,000 order. I have always measured my success by whats in the bank.

As we travel this great country we call home I am learning more and more about what success really looks like. The current business I am running success looks different, It looks like a small business owner who has found a partner he can trust. It looks like a independent contractor that was excited we kept her on even after the previous company lost the contract. Its the hands that work daily at the task at hand, and the feet that push a dust broom across the floor as as sense of accomplishment is recognized that once again today I did my task and the building looks great. Success is the office team and field managers that say we are going to make this work no matter the cost. Its the executive team reminding me I don't have to have my hands in every detail and I need to log off and look at my wifes face. Knowing that 24 hours a day 7 days a week some one is on the clock pushing us that much closer to the goal line. Its a wife who at 4am in the morning as I am sitting eyes on the screen because I can't sleep saying its all good. God has this. It knowing that even though we are not where I want to see things we are still covering the bills and squeezing out a profit.

The most important thing success is would have to be 18 years of sweet marriage to Kate Radford and 3 amazing kids each at a special milestone in life. Its living out life on the road traveling the country and enjoy all God has made. Its the love of parents and inlaws who keep checking in and to make sure were ok. There are so many ways to define success. Whats yours?

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