A journey of a Lifetime - Stories from The Road Dad

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Sometimes the plans we have for our lives change. In my mind, by the time I hit 40 I would be in a nice house living the California dream.

June 26, 2018 I got an email from our landlord that ended a two year battle. She loved the idea of being a landlord but I don't think she really understood the responsibility that came with it. We had a leaky roof she didn't fix and for almost a year we were without a dishwasher or garbage disposal. You haven't lived till you step on a slug at 3 am in on your way to get a drink and had it squish between your toes. The list goes on, after we refused to pay her more money for things she was supposed to take care of, I got a thirty day notice. After several months of looking for a place to live we finally decided the California dream was nothing more than a nightmare we could no longer deal with. So after prayer we made the choice to hit the open road. Fast forward a year and we have made our way to Michigan, and I am running a thriving cleaning company from the road. I could not ask for more. Yes, we still have our struggles, but they are nothing like what we had in the past. The best part is that my wife and I don't have to work two jobs plus drive for Uber to make ends meet.

So you may be saying, "What's your point? Are you just bragging?" No. I share this to inspire you. Don't get stuck in your circumstances, Enjoy Life! If the house is a mess, skip it today and go out and have fun with the kids. Short on cash? No big deal. Most of our favorite days out are the ones that cost nothing and we bring a picnic lunch. We are learning that money is not the key to happiness. It is all about the adventure. With that being said, skip the laundry, let the dishes sit and go have some fun making memories with your family.

If you need help catching up on the mess give my team a call at Dignity Home Services. We can send out a Detail House Cleaning team to help you get back on track so you can make your own tracks in the mud and sand.


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