Staying Put. - Stories from The Road Dad

If you have kept up with my blog posts, you know by now I love to hit the road and enjoy our great nation with my wife and kids. The hardest part of this life is when you have no choice but to just stay put for a while. We find ourselves in this season of life and it is not always fun. The stress comes from not knowing when are we going back on the road, and what if we run out of places to stay in this area. Will this place be a good place to stop and open an new office? Can we thrive here where we are set up? It is a stressful time but one that I know will produce fruits. One thing that I know above anything else is that God is in control. I know He will bring us through this time no matter what it looks like. We don't have all the answers at the moment but I am sure we will in time. In the meantime the other part of staying in one spot is that we really get a chance to explore the area. I love nothing more that tasting local foods that tourists never find out about--those hole-in-the-wall places that if you didn't know they were there you would miss out on something your mouth never knew existed. My boys love exploring the local libraries and little book stores, my daughter the local playgrounds. In this life you can choose to find the stresses of life in every issue or find the joys. So the next few months as we endure the struggles that come with being stationary, we will seek out and explore this amazing part of our great country. Stay tuned.

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