Getting Geared up for the Holidays

5 Great Things to Gear Up for the Holidays

The Holidays are right around the corner, and with holidays come parties and good-quality family time. For some this time of year can be stressful, and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.

This should be a fun time of year, a time to make memories! Don't stress over the details. Here are a few things to help brighten your season.

Tip #1: Make a checklist

Before you begin each room, make a checklist. When you get into cleaning, it can be easy to get tunnel-vision and think you’ve finished, only to remember later that you didn’t dust the light fixtures. It can also be immensely satisfying to check items off your list and realize that, with each check, you have one less thing to clean.

Tip #2: Get some friends together.

Instead of going at it alone, find some friends and start a co-op. Set a schedule and help each other out. Lots of hands lighten the load. Make some lunch, get out some eggnog, and take a break halfway through the day.

Tip #3: Get the kids on-board

It’s easy to think about all the things that need cleaning and scrubbing, but sometimes we don’t take this spring cleaning opportunity to rid ourselves of clutter that we don’t need. I am sure if your kids are like mine, they have so much stuff that they don't even know what's there. In our family, about this time of year, we start tossing old items that the kids no longer want or need. You can put them into four piles: put away, throw away, give away, or box away. This is especially helpful if you don’t want to keep walking back and forth to your children’s toy cupboard. Just label four large boxes, and bring them with you to each room. Don’t put anything away until you’ve finished going through every room, and then when you’ve finished, you can put everything away at once.

Deciding what to do with the “give-away” items really comes down to two choices: selling or donating. You can host a garage sale, either alone or with neighbors who are going through a similar process. You can also can sell items online. However, if you simply want the clutter gone, donating your items is a much faster way of removing them from your house, and it can really help out people in need.

Tip #4: Establish new cleaning habits

Once you’ve finished spring cleaning and your home feels like new, it can be really easy to drop back into the habits that got your home to that state in the first place. However, if, while you’re sorting and cleaning, you can also establish some new cleaning habits, you may not need to spring clean every year. Instead, create a monthly cleaning schedule, and make cleaning those rarely cleaned places a more regular affair.

Tip #5: Take a deep breath and relax

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