Charlie Tours (Trolley) and Light Houses

We have been in Michigan for a few weeks now. Honestly, all I can say, I had no idea how amazing this area was. The community, culture, sites and sounds are nothing like I thought it would be. I have only really heard of two places here, those being Detroit and Flint. Put the two together, and you would think this was a third world country. Not at all.

Currently, we are located in St. Clair Michigan. It's one of three towns in the area. Port Huron and Marysville are close by. The three are nestled on the shore of the St. Clair river, leading with Port Huron spilling out into the southern end of Lake Huron. If you sit on the shore, you can gaze across the river to Canada, and halfway across the river, buoys float marking the boarder. The river is alive with both commercial and pleasure craft. People get excited at the 1000-foot-long ships that cruise by, leaving a wake of waves that take over the shore line.

In our minimalist fashion, we made our way through the day enjoying the state's oldest Light House, Fort Gratiot Lighthouse, and discovering the history of the area through our Charlie Driver (my youngest calls trolleys "Charlies") who has lived in the area all her life. By the way, this 1 hour tour cost 10 cents a person. We have learned a very important lesson, however: before you eat, find a tour of the town. It wasn't 'till we went on this little excursion that we discovered the best places to eat.

Fort Gratiot Lighthouse is a great spot, where we were met with rain. However, the storm didn't stop the fun. We ended up waiting out the weather in a gift shop, which ended up being a 45 minutes of great info on the area, from the people that have called this area home for decades. Some other fun facts about the area? It is the home of Thomas Edison's first workshop! He grew up in the area, you can even see the lot he grew up on. It is a preserved national landmark, marked by nothing more than a stone monument in an abandoned lot, surrounded by homes. As we finished up the day, it was only fitting that we hit a family favorite. Mexican Catinas are a family must. It's cheap to eat, and the kids fill up on chips and salsa. Tio Gordo's Cocina was the restaurant of choice on this stop, and it did not disappoint.

There are adventures everywhere, so go on-line and search out your area. Who knows? You may just run into a gem of a find, like St. Clair Country. Get out, explore, and make memories. I know it's been a busy week and the house is probably in a state of disarray. Call Dignity Home Services to help you get caught up. ENJOY LIFE!!!

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