A Journey of 18 Years - Stories from The Road Dad

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

I am going to tell you a variation of the classic story of boy-meets-girl. Way back in the fall of 1998, a bored young man spent a lonely 3-day weekend on the campus of what is now called the University of Central Missouri.

Our wedding June 30 2000

With no friends in site and nothing to do, he went to the Library and logged onto the internet. Not sure what to look for his, thoughts quickly moved to the feelings of loneliness he knew he didn't want to feel for ever. So, he found a Christian dating site (possibly ChristianMingle.com, but I'm not sure) and after hours of searching, he met a girl from California named Kate. As they chatted through the snow storm, she quickly said "this will never go anywhere, see I am a Cali girl who will never leave the state, and you're in Missouri". A week later, to his surprise, a letter showed up in the mail with a photo. See, back then, it wasn't easy to put a pic online. He saw her photo, and fell in love. Fast forward to the following February 14, he had flown out to California to meet her in person. The moment he got off the plane, he knew this girl was going to be his wife. They were married on June 30, 2000, at the church she grew up at.

This last weekend marked the 18th anniversary of the day we said "I do". It's a journey like no other I have experienced. Through the ups and downs of life, Kate has always been my cheerleader, best friend, and the love of my life. She helped me through college, and the struggles that come from dyslexia, staying up late to me study. She was there through all my business adventures, working a job to help sustain us. We cried together at the loss of 4 children we never met due to miscarriages. We celebrated the birth of 3 amazing kids: Joel, Silas, and Abi. We have enjoyed the adventure of spelunking natural caves of Missouri, Hiked trails along the Pacific coast, and enjoyed the moments of great movies and candle-lit dinners. It's a journey that will last a life time. Now here we are on the road, living a dream we have had for years. Traveling, seeing the USA, and enjoying life.

In keeping with the theme of our storyline, as always, we celebrated our marriage in minimalist fashion, to which we are accustomed. We went to the store, purchased cheese, salsa, chips, salami and olives. To top it off, we bought an ABC pie (apple, blue berry, cherry) and some ice cream, and made our way down to the river in St. Clair Michigan. We sat on the grass in the shade and enjoyed food, river traffic, and spent time on-line dreaming of the possibilities of buying a home here one day. It was a evening without kids and with simple pleasures. 3 hours of no kids and nothing to do but relax. The entire evening cost us $45.00.

I am just going to say Michigan is amazing, I had no idea how beautiful it is, how in expensive living here is. We bought a gallon of milk for 98 cents. This area we are in is squished between 3 small but hopping towns. Port Huron, Marysville, and St. Clair. Each right on the river, all with their own style, and All American. This state has more shoreline than any other in the USA and its not even on the ocean. We found 2500 sqft homes here for under 100k that, a home in Sacramento this that size in a nice area would run 500k min.

One does not have to spend a lot to make a memorable anniversary. You also don't need to go far to find a gem of a place to celebrate. So get out and ENJOY LIFE! Oh and don't worry about the mess, Dignity Home Services has got your back. Give them a call for all of your Detail House Cleaning needs

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