Here is some Q/A for you to ponder

What is Detail House Cleaning? 

Well, this seems to be a big question. Many people don't realize that detail house cleaning services are not a fix-all. Normally, they don't do things like making beds or run laundry. The focus is usually the dirt, rather than the clutter. We are a member of Angie's List, and they have done a great job of defining what Detail Cleaning is; 


"When hiring a house cleaning service, you’re probably going to have to commit to a ‘deep cleaning’ right out of the gate. Most companies require it for new clients. But, what exactly does that service entail? In a nutshell, it means almost every nook and cranny of your home will get special attention”. Angie's List 

Are your crew members Employees?

No. Dignity Home Services is a co-op of small business owners that have come together under one large corporate umbrella. Each of our team members is a sub-contractor on their way to becoming an owner in the company.  We do this to weed out the people who are just trying to make a buck, and instead, give the work to those that share in our core value of putting customers first.

Do you offer any other services?

The beauty of our business model is that we can provide a better service because we use people who specialize in is specific types of work.   Currently, we have maid service, detail house cleaning, junk hauling, and window cleaning. We also offer janitorial work through DHS Janitorial.  


What does your Move Out service cover?

We provide a detailed top-to-bottom service for move-outs.  We start with a corner-to-corner high dusting. Next, we bring in ladders and wipe all the light fixtures inside and out along with ceiling fans and vents, by hand. Moving down the wall, we clean the entirety of the door frames and door jams, the fronts and backs of all the doors, the light switch covers, socket covers, and finally the baseboards. All the closets get cleaned top to bottom, including shelves and hanger poles.  The top-to-bottom service then moves into the bathrooms. We start with the high dusting and light fixtures then move down. The kitchen takes the majority of the time. we clean all the cabinets and drawers out and then wipe down the doors and drawer faces. All the appliances get cleaned inside and out. If you have a gas stove due to liability issues, we cannot pull it out. Fridges that can safely be pulled out from the wall will get cleaned inside and all around the outside. In the bathroom, the whole shower gets cleaned as well as the tub, cabinets, and drawers get cleaned out, and so on. The job is finished when we clean the floors.

Are Windows & Blinds included?

No. These items are extra. Please let us know how many upstairs and downstairs windows there are. Blinds are done by the hour and on average, two people can detail clean about six blinds an hour. 

How is your pricing figured?

We have a very simple formula for figuring out the price of detail cleaning your home. Two people can clean an average home at a rate of 500 square feet per hour. A home that is under 1000 square feet has a 2-hour minimum.  Homes between 1000 and 1800 square feet have a 3-hour minimum. We do not offer walk-throughs on homes under 2500 square feet. For the most part, homes under this size are fairly easy to price out, based on our formula. All of our quotes on all homes are quoted at a minimum, based on average use. Every home is different, so it could take longer. None of our jobs are flat-rated but instead are based on an hourly crew rate for each area we service.

Do you offer Special Pricing at all?

We do offer discount pricing for multiple services, Property Managers with monthly cleaning needs, Real Estate agents and armed forces. 

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