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About Dignity Home Services

Dignity Home Services Founder & CEO, James Radford, was inspired to start Dignity Home Services after a friend took a fall, and had to move out of her home. “The family turned to us. We cleaned it up and liquidated what she didn’t need. Then, we made interior and exterior home improvements to get the house ready for the market. We now provide detailed home cleaning and sales preparation services aimed to meet your needs in an efficient and affordable way.” Today, our amazing team is made up of people who have a heart for service. 


Our clients' needs are priority #1  

We look for the very best in house cleaning detail providers. The big difference our company offers is the ability of our workers to become owners of the company.  After 1 year, anyone who works with us in any capacity, who lives up to their contract in full, is made a partner.  This is the key to our ongoing success. Giving our team members ownership changes the game. It makes them rethink how they do things, mainly putting our client's needs above their own. We feel that if we take care of our crews, they will take care of our clients.   

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What is a Co-op

Dignity Home Services is a co-op of small business owners that have come together under one large corporate umbrella. Each of our team members is a sub-contractor on their way to becoming an owner in the company after 1 year.  We do this to weed out the people who are just trying to make a buck, and instead, give the work to those that share in our core value of putting customers first.

Marketing my Business?

If you are the owner of a cleaning company you have several options to build your business.


Lead Generation - There are lots of lead generators on-line they charge $19 or more for leads. These leads may or may not turn into a sell, leaving the business owner with a big bill.  On average we have found the average cost of acquisition to be about $125 per acquisition.  The nice part about these services you can set your price and compete in the marketplace 

Subcontracting -  There are a lot of companies out there that will provide owners with work, both commercial and residential. However, they set the price and terms.  Great for growth but you won't have control.  

DIY - Most small business owners go this route. If you are just starting out one may not know of other options. However, if you can divide your time and work the process you can go far.  However, you are going to burn the wick at both ends trying to clean and market at the same time.  


The Daily Grind 

There is more to business than just daily work.  You have to manage the back end. Besides marketing you have, Customer service,  Accounting,  Business Development, etc. In all this can be effective but you're talking about a lot of time. By oneself, you will be limited on growth unless you hire either someone to do the cleaning or someone to do the office work.  Let's face it at the end of the day your main goal is to get jobs professionally cleaning houses, helping renters and homeowners with vacancy and move out cleanings, so you can pay your bills and keep your employees happy. 


Co-ops Work Better?

Dignity Home Services is a solution that provides growth.  We take care of all the marketing, and backend office work. This frees up our owners to hire crews and focus on the needs of the client. Our owners set the prices for their areas based on the cost of doing business.  We take care of the marketing,  our members never have to worry about marketing it's all built-in. We cover the advertising cost. Dignity Home Services has a full marketing team, we provide the SEO, paid ads, and lead generation cost.   

Why Join?

We live up to the Dignity Home Services name. We feel part of this is making sure our crews have a great quality of life. We want our crews to work and have fun.  Pay the bills and then enjoy the weekend.  Those that join us get all the back end support of a corporation without the daily ongoing grind of a small business. 

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